Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog Post # 9

A teacher teaching her class

     The essay “What I’ve Learned This Year” was about what Mr. McClung had experienced and learned as a first time teacher. He begins by explaining how the lesson plan prepared by him did not connect with his audience because he was so worried about superiors and delivery of the content. The next  thing he refers to is how a lesson plan is never perfect and how you should be flexible because there will be mistakes, therefore he states we should try to better the situation.  I really like when he moved into communication because I believe things can be worked out by trying to resolve any issue through the use of communication. The next important thing he learns is to be responsible by not setting up high expectations for students because he states its are job to encourage them to try again if they don’t succeed.  He then goes into how you should not be afraid of technology because technology is our friend and is essential to living. He raps up by saying we need to listen to our students and never stop learning, as we need to grow as professional  educators.
     I think this is a good guide because I believe everything Mr. McClung has learned in his first year could help me become a better teacher.  All his major points are defiantly something to consider when teaching because what he has learned are what many teachers sometimes forget. For example how a teacher should grow as a professional educator and how technology is important to are standard of living.  He has provided me with some notes that will defiantly be useful in the teaching field.


  1. I agree. I thought of Mr. McClung's list as a "things I wish I would have known before I started teaching." I feel like by making this list he reached out to educators as well as all future educators who read his posts. I think that when I become a teacher this list could be very beneficial to me.

  2. Hello Brittany! My name is Sheena Nettles. I enjoyed reading your post. You did a wonderful job explaining this essay. I am in total agreement with you. Mr.McClung's list is a great guide for teacher. He explains everything that teachers should know in order to be succefful 21st Century teachers. Great Post!

  3. Wraps up not raps up. Definitely not defiantly. our standard of living not are standard of living.

    Your notes will be useful? I would lose mine long before then.