Sunday, March 6, 2011

Project #10 Progress

cat and dog together

     My Personal learning network is coming along very well, I think. I am still working on getting use to a PLN and how to organize it, in the best way, to fit all parts of my life. I am talking about my work, schooling and extra curricular activities I participate in. I was unsure about having a PLN because I thought it would take more time than I would like it to, but in the long run it is awesome having everything together and the ability to get information from your PLN.
     I found that symbaloo is the easiest way for me to organize my personal learning network because it allows me to put stuff together, so if its for work I can block it together. For example I have all my art websites and addition learning information together, which includes the art groups I am apart of in Diigo. This section or category also includes twitter and the people I’m following on twitter, like Artknowledge and clayhappens. I also have a spot for my school work and this includes websites, like are class blog, other blogs and even the state education website. I am learning a little more every time I build on my personal learning network and hope to enhance it even more throughout the semester.

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  1. Brittany,

    While it may take a little while to get use to it, your PLN will only make things easier for you. Symbaloo is a great tool to stay organized and put everything together. I love that you can add websites, social networks, and people to your PLN. Keep connecting with people because they will teach you the most!