Monday, March 14, 2011

Blog Post #8

lap top with multimedia

1. Richard Miller: This is how we dream part 1 & 2

     Mr. Millers video made some really good suggestions when it comes to writing with multimedia. He talked about how writing has changed in the academy and culturally. This video is to show how a change in visual literacy is a good thing, I think Mr. Millers video is correct and could benefit the students tremendously. This video was about how we can share information freely and world wide.
     In the video part 1, Mr. Miller goes into detail about communicating globally and intently. He talks about incremental change, which I found interesting, working with things like your lap top and over all freely giving out information for learning. I think it was a good idea to have a class that focused mainly on producing print documents and visual documents.
      Part 2, This is how we dream, was about the digital environment and how it can be up dated instantly, by things like visual representation. The major idea he gives out in part 2 is, that it is not the goal of technology but what technology makes possible. This I find to be truthful and it would be such a good thing to get the idea of writing with multimedia in the classroom, because I think it would really benefit the student.

2. Chipper
      I enjoyed this video and found it funny. This is a good video that shows students why it is a bad idea to procrastinate, which is waiting to the last minuet to do something. I thought it was funny when she said she’ll just change the definition of procrastination. I will not lie, I have procrastinated on a couple of assignments and can tell you from experience it is never a good idea. I think especially as a teacher you should try to do your work on time and in an orderly fashion, because your expected to be responsible when it comes to turning in work.

EDM 310 For Dummies

      What a fun video and they looked like they had fun making it to. I think EDM for dummies is a great idea because it lets other people know there not the only ones struggling to keep up and understand. I found the first two to three weeks in EDM 310 scary because it just gets so overwhelming. I like how it refers to the “A” you start of with and how you can keep it. EDM 310 takes some getting use to but overall is very helpful in the log run.

3.Learn to change, Change to learn
      I think the title makes a good point all by itself. It really amazes me that education is ranked at the bottom with coal mining. They talk about how technology is a world, relationship and even a community. Technology should be brought into the classroom but there putting restrictions on it, making it harder. He is right when saying jobs in today’s world involve technology. I think we should prepare the classroom for globalization and communicate with other teachers around the world.

4.Tara Watson (Fall 10) suggested two videos

The Secret powers of time
      This video was put together very well and I enjoyed how he had drawn the pictures to create a better understanding. By him drawing the pictures it kept me focused and held my attention through the entire video. He also mentioned time and the six main zones people live in. I could not believe it when he told me how many children where dropping out and I understand this a serious matter. I like how he explains how things have changed, by Revolution in time. I can relate to time because my time is packed, I am very busy all the time.
The surprising truth about what motivates us
     This video was all about motivation, which involves rewarding and punishment. He goes on to describe rewards and the three levels starting with the lowest and working to the highest. Usually in most cases the higher the reward the better the performance but in some other cases, when going beyond rudimentary skill, it is the other way. The conclusion is that money is the big motivator and without this we would be untroubled. I also like how he provided some factors that lead to better performance and personal satisfaction. I really enjoyed the video.


  1. After watching some of the videos, I had some of the same thoughts as you. I was amazed as well to learn how education was ranked right next to coal mining! Who knew people could even compare the two! And he chipper video demonstrated pretty much how far behind I am, but it was all a good message.

  2. Open the doors and let the world in. Or break down the walls and join the world. Either would be great for schools.