Sunday, March 6, 2011

C4T #2 summary

social networks

     My comments for teachers for the past two weeks has been on John T. Spencer’s blog, Tom Johnson’s adventures in Pencil Integration” he teaches, writes and lives his life and want to do them all authentically. I have really enjoyed reading and responding to his post. The first post, titled “Avoid Social Networking”, was very funny and I like how he took it to the extreme. It was about HR representatives telling teachers they must avoid any site that allows for social networking with students, but John went into what was social networking. Social networking can even be interaction at the grocery store, when bumping into your students. I believe he made his point and agree that is a little harsh, not letting teacher interact with students using social networks, because there is some education benefits that involve social networks.
     My second comment was on his newest post “ 5 Reasons for Leaving the Pencil Conference”. His post was about him leaving a day early during the pencil conference due to 5 reasons. His five reasons are: presenters are unapproachable, arrogant, speak like addicts, fail to grasp complexity, paradox and mystery and won't admit that there are some good ideas from the past. I left him a comment that said he had good reasons for leaving because of his reasons. I also told him, that by stating the reasons why he left is a good thing, because now the pencil conference knows what to work towards for the next conference.

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