Sunday, April 3, 2011

Blog Post #10

an open letter to educators

An open letter to educators
by Dan Brown

Dan started out by stating that it is super important to get an education but goes into the question "what does it mean to receive an education?". This is a huge question and is very complex wen explaining it. He goes onto talk about how education has changed over time. He gives his views and opinions and states how people get a education through universities which are the launching pad, growing and changing the world.
   One of is major points is institutional education and how we basically have the same educational structures as before. e is absolutely right that this is a revolution in the information age. For example like computers, as he mentioned how most people get places now. You use to have to get an atlas but now just type it on any search engine and receive the shortest rout. He states that because of the Internet information is now free to the public.
    Another point is how people including teachers have adapted to the Internet. He goes into how teachers are basically behind and have lost sight. There is just so much educators could do because has he states in many ways facts are no longer the only thing needed in the classroom because there free and can be easily looked up, tanks to the Internet.
    I believe he is so right because it is not about the facts because you can get facts easily. We should help students conform to the world, as an educator you should motivate creativity and creative thinking. I, as an educator, hope to change with the world as Dan brown said because he is right the world is changing and you need  to as well.


  1. Brittany,
    This is so true because as an educator we have to really open up the world of technology to our students so that they will be up to par in the future. I have talked to so many current teachers of many different age groups and so many of them choose to not use it in their classrooms. Most say its broke more than it's fixed. I have heard many excuses but we do as teachers need to be introducing the world of technology to all of our students.

  2. Hi Brittany, I chose to comment on you because I cannot on myself. I believe that teachers need to be in the "now" not the "past" where is no internet. We the future teachers need to know what is best for our students to educate them and to prepare them for anything. We influence on the students' lives so lets do it right.