Sunday, April 24, 2011

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Alabama Learning Exchange

Alabama Learning Exchange

ALEX, Alabama Learning Exchange, is a helpful website used by teachers, students, administrators, and even parents. It provides easy ways to share various types of educational materials and information. ALEX provides many resources that are incompliance with the Alabama State Education Requirements. You will find all kinds of resources on this website from lesson plans to web sources on any subject and grade level (k-12).

The webpage is very easy to understand as it is organized by links. For example you will see links such as courses of study, web resources, lesson plans,  search, personal workspace, etc.  I encourage you to click on all the tabs because each has something to offer. I found it interesting that when clicking on lesson plans and search giving a list of activities, like the Arts Education plan for k-3 titled Trust Me!. It helps students learn to work together and trust each other.

I find ALEX to be a great website to get information and material from now as a student and later as a teacher.  I feel that their constantly updating and adding to it, providing improvement over time. It is user-friendly or easily accessible to find information and lesson plans.  It will be a great help by proving new information when I start coming up with lesson plans and projects for my students.

Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide

ACCESS, standing for Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide, states its vision which is to “provide equal access to high quality instruction to improve students achievement through distance learning opportunities…”. This gives students a chance to take courses which they would not be able to usually take. By letting students in high school take more achieving and advancing classes, it could prepare them better for college. I will say that the website it self could be a little better organized as I found it very unfriendly.

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