Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project #3 Summary C4T #1

children all around the world
     My C4T the past 2 weeks has been Joe Dale, who is an expert on technology and language learning, his blog is titled Integrating ICE into the MFL. The most recent post on 12-19-2010 is titled celebrating ICT links into language, it is about him putting together an awesome event called ICT links into languages conference. The ICT links into languages conference takes place on the 12th and 13th of February at South Hampton University and consists of program seminars and hands-on workshops.
     I think ICT links into languages conference is a wonderful idea, because it gets you to try new things like blogs, winkis, digital voice recorders and much more.It kind of reminds me of my EDM 310 class and a conference like this could help benefit this class.

People having fun singing

     My 2nd comment was on an earlier post (12-12- 2010) entitled Happy Days  Are Here Again For Languages. This blog was about how singing a  song could help you with vocabulary, reinforcing sentence structure, and hooking young people into language learning. He provided a couple of videos from his class that show how his students benefited by singing their foreign language to their favorite tunes.
     I think this a wonderful idea because it looks like a good teaching strategy I can use in my class room. I never thought about getting my students to sing their favorite tunes but I could see how it could help not only with vocabulary but memory too. This looks like a fun activity and I am sure the students would enjoy doing it.

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