Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blog post #5


1. 100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better
    I found 100 ways to use your iPod to learn and study better very useful. I think this web page could really do some good because many people have ipods, iphones, and other apple equipment. This web page was all about what you could do with your ipod. For example, it gives you a category which contains a listing underneath, like applications, ipod learning support, and even podcast and more.  So what can you do with your ipod?
    I am still learning when it comes to my iphone and ipod. I feel like technology is moving so fast and that I am barely keeping up.  I learned so much from this site, for example did you know through the itunes store you can get audiobooks on any subject. I also learned that you can access information and other materials through The Education Podcast Network which could help me with my podcast.

2. Eagle Nest Radio & Class Blog    This was so creative and brilliant. The Eagle Nest Radio actually sounds like a radio station that is ran by kids. The students who are on the radio fill you in on important subjects and information. The name of their audio this week was called Roamin' with the ancient Romans, it was basically all about Rome. It gave all kinds of information including historical dates, Roman architecture, famous people like Caesar and Cleopatra.
    I am very glad I decided to listen to Eagle Nest Radio because it gave me a lot of ideas that i could use in my podcast. I learned that you can put music to the background and make it stop when someone is talking. Also I learned a new technique I could use which is having one person talk about each subject, letting everyone get a chance to participate. 

3. Judy Scharf Podcast Collection
    This web page filled me in on what a podcast is, because to be truthful I really did not know the definition. Do you? Well a podcast is a radio styled talk show which puts out information about any subject. She provides a couple things you can do with your podcast, like adding music. The good thing about podcast is that it can be listened to in two different forms on the computer or mp3. A podcast is a good way to interact with a lot of people and provides something for people to come back to if they need.  
    I watched the video How To Create A Podcast on youtube which provided the step by step information you need to create your own podcast. I found out that you will need a microphone, a computer, and software, which you can find on the internet to download for free. I really found the video helpful and would recommend it to anyone.


  1. Hi Brittany!
    I'm curious. Did you look at these before your group did your podcast? I know I didn't, but wish we had. I had listened to a few podcasts before this assignment, but like you, knew very little about them. Do you think you will use podcasts in your classroom?

  2. Brittany,
    I really enjoyed the Eagle's Nest Radio as well. It was amazing! It made me wonder who all these students are sharing their podcasts with. If they are airing them to the enitre school that would be so informative. Students could have something to get used to calling their own and also something to look forward to creating. It also works as an assessment tool to wrap-up a unit or lesson. Judy's podcast site also looks informative for beginner podcast users.