Sunday, February 27, 2011

C4K 1, 2 & 3

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I have really enjoyed the comments for kids because it has given me a different perspective on teaching, when incorporating blogs in kids lives. I think it’s a great idea for them to have a class blog, as it can only benefit them in the future.

C4K #1

    My first comments for kids was someone in Mr. L’s 5th grade class. This blog was a little different because it had no information on the student or even the class. There blog was about Valentines Day and how much they love it. They talked about how Valentines Day was a special day and how their dad surprised their mom.
    I replied by stating how much I also loved valentines day. I told him or her a little bit about my Valentines Day and how I decided to get my grandpa a valentine because he has been very sick. I think there doing a great job blogging.

C4K #2

    My second C4K’s was Jordenne a student in 4th grade at Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. I think it is an awesome blog her teacher Miss King really seams to be into it. Her blog was about her first netbook. She described how much she liked using her netbook and how she got it. She was nervous at first but when she received her net book but once she started using it the nerves went away.
    I have never even herd of a net book and have never used one before. I told her it sounds awesome and how I would like to try a netbook. I also told her how I never used one in school and that I wish I had, so I would be prepared for future classes.

C4K #3

My third C4K’s was Jaylee Juliet Sifono Nouata a student at Point England School.
Her Post.
Last week was my first day at school and I was nervous at first but then I got use to it. During school I loved working with people I never worked with before. School was so cool because we got to catch up with things from last year. I wish I am a year 8 because I really want to go to university and study to get an awesome job and to have that moment of freedom away from the country. If I had 3 wishes it would be to have a family and to be an awesome teacher and to have a great experience though my life.

My response
    I introduced my self like usual. Her post was written well. I told her I liked her wishes and that my goals where almost the same; successful at work, a family of my own someday and to experience the world. I told her, I am glad you shared your first day on your blog. I also think your blog is so creative, keep up the good work.

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