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C4T #4 Summary

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C4T #4

Post #1
I received Dr. Baggett’s , an assistant professor in the Collage of Education at the University of South Alabama, Poundering Paige blog spot titled Leading by Example and a Pointer Finger: Enriching our Lives through the Arts and Technology (high and low). This post was all about Ricky Trione, who is un able to see, and how he influence’s other people to make a difference especially when it comes to adversity and perseverance. He does this through Art by painting and using tools that involve technology. It is very inspirational and provides an Educational Message.

This was the first time I have been on Dr. Baggett’s blog spot. I found it to be very interesting and useful, as she has some really good post. The post about “Mr. Ricky” was just awesome. This was the first time I have seen or herd of “Mr. Ricky” but I found his work to be amazing,  how he works with students and uses technology. It is inspiring how he illustrates so many ways to achieve your goals with desire, perseverance, and a support system.

Post #2

Ibiyinka Alao, Nigeria's Ambassador of Art
This blog post was about Ibiyinka Alao‘s, Nigeria’s Ambassador of Art, presentation he did at the Collage of Education in the University of South Alabama. Ibiyinka is an artist that paints wonderful works of art that are full of life, color and vision from his heart. His paintings of stories has a deeper meaning including diversity and achieving peace using creativity and his expressions. It also talks about his life and achievements he has made throughout.

I loved reading this post because my goal is to teach art and incorporate artist like Ibiyinka, who speaks with his heart through his paintings.  I wish I could have been there for his presentation, it sounded like everyone had an awesome time. I find his paintings and his overall appreciation for his own work to be beautiful and inspiring. My favorite painting out of the ones you posted is Mortal Feelings because it is stunning and intense. It is amazing how he puts so much feeling and compassion into his work by using his beliefs and culture.

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