Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog Assignment 1

Hello, my name is Brittany Jean Pittman. I started South Alabama in 2007 and have changed my major more than a couple times. I am now an Elementary Education major and a full time student this semester. I intend to further my education and get my Masters in Art education. I am planning to teach the small ones like first grade and then later, after getting my Masters, get a job in the Art field of teaching.
I also work part time as a Bookkeeper for a small convenient store in Grand Bay called Kountry Korner. This is a family business that my dad has had for the last 25 years or so. It is great because I have the opportunity to schedule my own hours; this helps me to work around school and other activities that involve school.
The other activities and hobbies I like involve art. I like to consider myself an artist, I took a ceramics class here at South and found I have the skills to be an artist. So from that point on I have been taking at least one ceramic class a semester and recently moved into the glass field this semester. I really enjoy the ceramic classes and hope that I get to explore more in the art department at South.
This could not be done without family. I live with my dad, Rory and little sister Becca who is 20. I also have another sister Kimberly who is 24. I have two nephews, Tyler 6 and Trevor 1, they are my heart and I love to spend time with them. My mom Brenda and step dad Jr. also help me with school and keep me in line whenever I need it. My biggest supporter is my grandma Carol who motivates me not only in school but out of school too. I have a boyfriend named Luke, who is a little older than me that I have been dating for almost a year and a half; he gives me the other support my family can’t provide. I am very lucky to live on a 750 acre farm and am blessed with the advantages of having opportunities that many don’t have, like taking a walk through the woods and around the lake.
I am looking forward to this semester because I have a lot going for me. I recently invested in a house, which I made into a rental, and have my first tenants that are great. I have always been interested in rental houses, so I’m excited I finally get a chance to have one of my own. This semester I also, for the first time, get to do field experience and am looking forward to it.


  1. Hello Brittany. This is Pamela Todd from EDM 310. Your blog is nice. I live in Grand Bay as well. It is very beautiful out here for certain! It sounds like you will make a great art teacher. I look forward to following your blog.

  2. Hi Brittany. My name is Brittany Mitchell and I'm in the EDM 310 class as well. I am also an elementary education major, but not art. I would love to live on a farm like yours one day. It sounds very beautiful. I hope you have a wonderful semester at South and I also look forward to following your blog.

  3. I am SOOO jealous of your farm! I love being outside, and nothing is better to me than trail running. Thank you for sharing with us and continue relaying your past experiences with the video responses that are required in your future posts. I look forward to reading your blog again and seeing what a country girl thinks about our education system. :-)

    Good luck in your observations this semester. I hope you learn lots! Feel free to post reflections about your experiences in your school on this blog as well! We would love to hear about them!